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Calling all Zodiac and health/fitness nuts- did you know there is the perfect workout for your Astrology sign? That’s right: if you check your horoscope regularly and swear Mercury in Retrograde affects all, then these workouts will help you channel your inner Zodiac master. Check out these astrologically charged fitness routines to really amp up your exercise!


You’re strong, passionate, and competitive. Try sports like golf, archery, or swimming, and indulge in workouts like spinning or cycle classes. These routines will let you compete with yourself or others, all while indulging your bold, courageous side. Don’t be afraid to look for support from those around you- they will help you push even harder while still feeling accomplished and strong!


As a Taurus, you might not thrive on fitness or working out, but there are plenty of activities that can get your body moving and blood flowing that you just might enjoy. Weight lifting is great for getting in shape, building muscle, and feeling confident, and as a person who loves to experience new ventures, going up in weight classes will motivate you. Hiking is another adventure you might love because it combines the comfort of finding a place you feel happy with the thrill of testing boundaries.


So you find yourself pondering and thinking a lot, huh Gemini? That inner voice can be overwhelming, so a Pilates class is a great way to get out of your head and into the moment. Tennis is a sport that will fulfill your social butterfly personality, and throwing in sprints between workouts or on “off days” will help calm your need for speed.


As a Cancer, you might feel like you’re constantly on some form of emotional roller coaster. Instead of picking up the pace, why not slow it down with a hot yoga class or focused core work. These exercises focus on breath work and calming your mind, allowing you to be present and relaxed. Try Googling “Pilates Yoga classes near me” to find the perfect studio for you, where you can choose from a variety of yoga modalities including Yin, Vinyasa, and heated versions.


Alright, you spicy Leo- it’s time to let your hair down and find your rhythm in a dance-based workout. Why not explore Barre classes, Zumba, or any other kind of fitness routine that uses dance movements to get the blood flowing? These will allow your wild side to run free and give that party girl within her fix, all while burning calories!


You can be a big perfectionist, so having a workout routine that combines a mixture of several modalities lets you tick all the boxes, and knocks out all of the body parts you’d want to evenly focus on. Pilates and yoga classes are a great way to work every part of your being, giving them all the attention they deserve while giving both your mind and body a challenging experience.


You function well in group activities and prefer to work together rather than fight or disagree with others. Barre is a great workout that lets you enjoy a community where everyone boosts one another and pushes together to create a fun environment. You could also join a local soccer team to get those muscles flexing and serve as the group cheerleader.


Intensity is the name of the game with you Scorpio, so why not embrace that character trait and dig in with an equally intense workout? Boxing, Water-based workouts, and Cross-Fit have your Zodiac sign written all over them and are the perfect way to blast your intensity without any casualties (well, unless you count the punching bag).


Hey there, you little adventure junkie- here is your time to shine. Finding new and exciting activities gives you a true thrill, so workouts like hiking, fusion classes, and surfing are all ways to indulge while getting in shape. Circuit routines or classes give you a taste of everything in one go, so you can challenge, push, and explore your boundaries, too!


You can be hard on yourself, Cap, so why not give your ego a break and try something that gives it a boost instead? Activities like rock climbing give people the ability to feel accomplished and proud no matter what because it is such a challenging and out of the box workout. Heights not for you? Running longer distances or training for marathons can also provide that proud feeling after every attempt, and will help you garner a new skill- possibly even a new hobby!


Nothing is as important to you as freedom, so having a fitness routine that lets you change it up is a must. Cycling classes or regular outdoor cycling gives you that feeling of freedom and creates a great workout option for those who take pride in their individuality. Don’t be afraid to try exercises that let you jump and soar through the air too, like trampoline courses or high-intensity training intervals.


Ok you water baby- last but not least, it’s time to find your fins and the perfect routine for you! Just like liquid, you’re down to go with the flow and support others, but sometimes that tide can pull you in hard and you get lost in your own mind. Workouts that let you feel calm but also push you are best, so look for yoga studios near you, and then whenever possible jump into the water and try your hand at kayaking or paddleboarding. Never dry out baby- the water will always be with you so embrace it as much as you can!

There you have it! Get out there and let your Zodiac sign guide you to new and exciting workout, fitness, and exercise routines! Don’t be afraid- the signs never lie!

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