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Women’s Month – Marni Wolf

03/16/2017 Blog No Comments

Marni Wolf’s first visit to TruFusion was just a few days after she heard about the TruFusion concept.  Her fiancé, Joe, came home one day after talking to a friend, who is in the gym business and said he was going to Las Vegas to check out this new group fitness brand.  When their friend returned from his trip and told Joe and Marni about the multi-studio concept with the many different modalities, the spa-like locker rooms, retail (Marni is a huge shopper!) and the healthy café, they knew they needed to fly out to Vegas and see for themselves this center that sounded to be exactly what they had been searching for in group fitness.  She was instantly addicted, and after taking Joe to try a class, he was hooked as well.

Marni had been doing hot sculpt yoga for about 9 years.  She loved the loud music, the inspiring instructors, working out with a group of people, the community vibe, and walking out of a class so sweaty and knowing that she had just spent the last hour pushing herself beyond what she thought she was physically capable of doing.  Yet, she still wanted to try other types of group fitness and her current gym was just a one-room hot yoga studio.  So, she started buying class packages at different studios in order to incorporate cycling, barre and Pilates into her workout routine – she even tried a free week at a kickboxing studio.  She was paying so much money and going to so many different places to get a variety of group fitness modalities that when she found TruFusion, she knew it was exactly what she’d been looking for.  She loved the way she felt the minute she walked into TruFusion and knew instantly that she wanted to become involved and help spread the TruFusion brand outside of Las Vegas.

“The TruTribe means a sense of community to me.  It’s definitely not a feeling you get when you are working out at a big gym.  I feel like it has become my second home and I have met so many amazing people who I truly have connected with since my introduction to TruFusion almost 1.5 years ago.  The people I’ve met through TruFusion have become friends and family to me.”

“TruFusion has had such an effect on my life in so many different ways.  I love that I am helping to build a brand that I am very passionate about.  I love that my passion has now become a career and a way of life for me.  I love that TruFusion gives people a sense of community and helps people transform their lives.  I’ve met so many great people along this TruFusion journey, and I feel so fortunate to be able to share what TruFusion has given to me with other people.”

Marni Wolf – TruFusion Regional Developer and Scottsdale TruFusion owner

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