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12 days of fitness workout

12 Days of Fitness Workout

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Between shopping, parties, and finding time for that little thing called work, squeezing in a quick workout might be the only way some of us can stay fit this holiday season.

Lucky for you, we’ve crafted a killer workout you can knock out in less than twenty minutes! Do this workout once a day to make sure you’re still looking sexy after all of the holiday chaos. You’ve got to look fab for New Years Eve, right?

The Low-Down

Spend thirty seconds on each move. Take a ten second rest at the end of the twelve-move set. Repeat set two more times.

The Moves

Jumping Jacks

Nothing different than a regular jumping jack here, but make sure to keep your energy up high to kick off the set right!

Alternating Reverse Lunges

Start standing tall. Step one leg back and lower your knee to the floor. Return to standing. Then repeat with other side. Be sure to stay upright and glue your entire front foot to the floor.

Alternating Plyometric Lunges

Continue with alternating lunges, but add a hop at the top.


Nothing different than a basic push-up here. Be sure to plant hands firmly on the ground shoulder-width apart for solid support and tightly squeeze abs, glutes, and thighs.

Hip Thrusts

From plank, hop both feet outside of your hands and return back to plank.

Dragon Lunge Push-ups

In lunge position, place both hands down on the floor next to your front foot and begin push-up.


From standing, lower down to plank. Hop feet outside of hands and then jump up. It’s especially important to stay energized during this move.

Side Bend Arm Twist

In plank, reach one hand to the ceiling. Then twist your body and reach the same hand to your opposite lower rib cage. Return hand back to ceiling. Alternate sides.

Ab Kicks

Sit with criss-crossed ankles. Staying criss-crossed, pull your knees in towards your chest and then extend feet straight outwards.

Mountain Climbers

From plank position, lean forward and bring one knee into your chest. Repeat with alternating legs, moving as quickly as possible.


Lie on your belly with arms outstretched. Alternate moving your arms quickly up and down. Inhale four breaths exhale four breaths.


From downward facing dog, brush your chest against the floor as you move into upward facing dog. Then reverse into downward facing dog.


We suggest completing the entire 12-move set before taking a rest; however, a modified versions of the workout are to take a 10-second rest halfway through the set or when absolutely necessary.