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Nine Reasons to Start Using Kettlebells Now

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Speculated to have begun in Ancient Greece, kettlebells have been used for centuries to develop strength and endurance. They gained popularity throughout the years and eventually found a great home in Russia when founder of heavy athletics Dr. Vladislav Kravesky introduced them to the Russian athletic community in the mid 1880’s. To this day, kettlebell remains a national pride of Russia and was officially declared the sport of Russia in 1974.

It didn’t take long for North America to catch on to the kettlebell trend. By 2002, the bells made it onto the cover of Rolling Stones Magazine Hot List as ‘the Hot Weight of the Year,’ and today kettlebell is a proven workout for both the military and professional athletes everywhere.

Here at TruFusion, we say that if it’s a good enough workout for the world’s toughest champions, it’s good enough for our TruTribe, so take a look below for the nine reasons you should start using kettlebells today.

1. Build Muscle

At the very basics, there are two kettlebell styles with wildly different results. The first, RKC—Russian Kettlebell Club— style, uses a heavier bell for shorter periods of time to tone muscle by exerting all of your effort into a few reps. Think of this as Olympic Lifting, using all of your energy to expel your power into a few very solid lifts. But instead of having swollen muscles after lifting free weights, kettlebell lifting creates dense, toned muscles with more fiber per inch.

TruFusion kettlebell instructor Cristina Osorio said:

“You get really lean but really strong. If you want to see a physical change quick, use RKC style.”

2. It’s Cardio– without Running!

The second type, IKFF—the International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation— style, focuses on high cardio, high number of reps, and lower weight. Considered the endurance style, you swing a lighter bell for an extended period of time, increasing heart rate and engaging in cardio to lose fat and encourage lean muscle. TruFusion instructor Lawrence Fernandez said:

“The kettlebell is one of the most dynamic tools for strength, flexibility, and endurance training.”

In fact, swinging a bell is frequently compared to cross-country skiing.  The bonus? Because kettlebell swings create very minimal impact on your lower body, it’s the perfect solution to bringing cardio into your workout routine without agitating your knees.

3. Enhance Your Yoga Practice

Kettlebell workouts directly strengthen your yoga practice and general athleticism.  Your ability to ease into and out of yoga poses improves as your core strengthens, your body leans out, and you learn how to accelerate and decelerate your body.

4. Build Your Booty

Because the motion of swinging a kettlebell through your legs targets everywhere from your mid-thigh to lower chest, almost every move requires a high volume of gluteal engagement, lifting your bum to new heights with each move.

5. Target Your Core

“It’s like you’re doing a crunch and an extension every time you’re swinging a bell,”

said TruFusion co-founder and instructor Martin Hinton. Because of these movements, the target area is from mid-thigh to lower chest, which tends to be a trouble spot for a lot of people.

6. Get Rid of Back Pain

A University of Nebraska study found that a lot of lower back pain stems from tightness and the fact that most people do not engage their glutes when they move and lift. With kettlebells, the repetitive hip-hinging action of swinging the bell stabilizes your hips through your glutes, enlivening your lower back and resulting in much less pain.

7. Prevent Future Injuries

Repetitive vinyasa can create stiffness and injury in the shoulder capsule, but using kettlebells increases both mobility and stability. The lifting and swinging actions of kettlebells increase agility and ease of motion while holding the bell over your head stabilizes your shoulder girdle through your rotator cuff. Because these actions strengthen your shoulder, it less likely to roll out of the shoulder capsule when practicing yoga or other sports.

8. It’s for Everyone

For many, Kettlebell seems to be a man’s sport, but because lifting and swinging a bell draws power from your legs, hips, and glutes—where many women keep most of their mass—kettlebell is more woman-friendly than people think. Cristina said:

“It’s less about the body and more about the will of strength.”

9. Because They Rock and So Do You

If we haven’t convinced you yet, come see for yourself. At TruFusion, we incorporate kettlebells into many of our classes including Kettlebell Core, Down n’ Dirty Barefoot Bootcamp, TruHot Pilates, TruHot Pilates + Sculpt, TruCircuit, Kettlebell Battleropes, Tru Barefoot Bootcamp, and Tru Kettlebell. Lawrence said:

 “The next time you have the choice of hard pressing a dumbbell or kettlebell of the same weight, I challenge you to try the kettlebell and experience first hand that all weight is not created equal.”

Check the schedule for our next kettlebell class and start rocking your body today!


The Past, Present, and Future of TruFusion

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TruFusion manifested in 2012 out of Martin Hinton and Mike Borden’s desire to create a sanctuary, encompassing all fitness needs for members and trainers. TruFusion has something for everyone and offers a diverse range of classes such as Yoga, TRX, Pilates, Kettlebells, Battle Ropes, Bootcamps and Barre. The heated TruFusion room and unheated Ashtanga room were built as a yoga retreat, to the right of the gym. The heated Hot Pilates room and unheated TRX room were built as a fitness training ground, on the left of the gym. The TRX room is the largest suspension training room in the US – holding a maximum of 60 people. What sets the studio apart is its success in fusing a variety of fitness styles into each class for a variety of athletes. TruFusion offers over 200 classes daily, employs over 40 instructors, offers over 15 different class styles, and is continuing to evolve and grow.

“Putting meaning and purpose into everything we do,” Martin Hinton

Building on the Past
Lightning struck when Hinton and Borden found the TruFusion studio. The building suffered fire damage, the floor was flooded with standing water and the ceiling had a gaping hole where lightning had pierced through the roof. Out of the rubble, Hinton and Borden envisioned a four-room facility with spa-like locker rooms, and an open concept lobby, Health Bar and retail space. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, TruFusion transformed from vision to studio as construction began in March of 2013.
Hinton and Borden assembled a team of program directors and instructors, many Hinton knew from working in the fitness community. He chose Liz Steers and Mark Balfe-Taylor to be the studio’s Program Directors.
Steers was chosen to be the Program Director of Fitness because she shared Hinton’s vision and passion for fusing fitness styles to optimize member’s results. Before becoming an instructor, she spent 20 years as a professional dancer in the Radio City Music Hall of Rockettes and David Cooper Field Experience. She then became certified in Pilates, Kettlebells, Yoga, TRX and other forms of fitness.
Balfe-Taylor was chosen to be the Program Director of Yoga because of his passion and extensive knowledge of yoga. He’s spent 11 years perfecting and expanding his knowledge of the practice. Balfe-Taylor discovered yoga in 2004 when he attended a Bikram class and was certified the next year. He’s managed three Bikram studios in South Korea. After coming back to the US, he expanded his knowledge in Baptiste, Moksha, Yoga Chi, Yin and more. He is constantly reinventing styles of yoga and utilizing props, such as the trigger point foam roller, to enhance his classes.
In anticipation of their new studio, Hinton, Steers and Balfe-Taylor held the first TruFusion teacher training in September 2013. This training was the first chance to teach fitness the way he and his team had envisioned. Once TruFusion opened the doors on October 2013, they were ready to teach their fused class style to the Las Vegas community.

“I realized that I had a vision of how the Pilates program would go and that I wanted to create that.” Liz Steers

Enjoying the Present
TruFusion classes are structured for people at different fitness levels and with different types of fitness styles to work out, not only in the same facility, but in the same classes. TruFusion’s success is because of its members – the TruTribe. Approximately 700 – 900 TruTribers sign up for classes daily. Although the studio is divided into fitness and yoga, Kettlebell competitors are encouraged to recover constant muscle strain by taking a YinFused class. By the same token, yogi’s are encouraged to take Pilates + Sculpt to strengthen core, arms and legs muscles.
In addition to classes, TruFusion also offers retail, managed by Cristina Osorio. Osorio took over TruFusion’s retail in 2013 and has since brought in many major brands as well as local crafters sell their goods through consignment. She graduated from the college of Woodbury in 2008 with a degree in costume design and started her own clothing line, Osorio wear in 2009. Recently, Osorio partnered with Hinton and Allison Heart in the creation of fitness apparel line NimayaSOL – currently sold at TruFusion. Osorio is also an instructor at TruFusion and teaches Bootcamp, Pilates, and TRX. She’s danced tap and ballet since age 4 and started practicing yoga in 2008. Within the first year of swinging her first Kettlebell, Hinton trained Osorio in Kettlebells and Bootcamp in 2010. She is a two time Rank 1 Kettlebell champion, achieving Rank 1 at the OKC competition and AKA Mr. Olympia Competition in Las Vegas. Shortly after her training with Hinton, Osorio was trained in Pilates by Steers in 2011.
TruFusion also offers TruTribers a healthy refueling station with the TruHealth Bar. The TruHealth Bar’s mission is to “educate, inspire and improve our customer’s health and wellness holistically through nutrition.” Originally thought of as just a smoothie bar, the TruHealth Bar has expanded menu options under the leadership of manager Sammie Mack. Mack is getting her master’s degree in Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport and is a certified Pilates, TRX and Bootcamp instructor at TruFusion. Offering a myriad of menu items such as smoothies, infusion waters, chia pudding and wraps are formulated not only to taste good, but also keep in mind the nutritional needs of athletes fueling up and recovering from an intense workout. Most menu items are vegan, gluten free, organic and made in-house. Mack also works with local businesses, such as Sunrise Coffee, to bring in exclusive products special to TruFusion.

“We’ve diversified within the framework and kept trying and refining.” Mark Balfe-Taylor

Looking Forward
TruFusion is constantly adding new classes to the schedule. Hinton, Steers and Balfe-Taylor are been constantly developing the classes to fuse different elements of fitness into their training. Within the past four months Hot Buddhi Yoga, Hot Barre and Fly Gym have been introduced to the studio. Hot Buddhi Yoga, added in March 2015, is a tantric mix of yoga and tantric dancing. Hot Barre, added in June 2015, is a mix of Pilates and ballet that incorporates toning and strengthening all aspects of the body. A version of Fly Gym, coming in August 2016, is mixes suspended yoga and inversions on a stretch hammock.

“The main motivation was becoming something larger than yourself,” Cristina Osorio

TruFusion is excited to open new facilities in Nevada as it expands and grows the TruTribe. The first franchise is slated to open doors in January 2016 in Downtown Summerlin. As TruFusion continues to grow, our instructors are enthusiastic about sharing their concept of fitness across the US.


Shop The Right Mat For Your Workout

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An essential part of most TruFusion classes is a mat. The mat becomes a TruTriber’s designated work out space – a space to find your edge. Not only for yogi’s, mats’ have made their way to Bootcamps, Tru X, Pilates and other classes on the TruFusion schedule. Yet shopping for the right mat can be confusing among all the different textures, patterns and colors. Each mat has been manufactured for a different purpose and will give you different benefits. We’ve broken down the benefits of each mat offered at TruRetail, so that you can choose the right one for your fitness needs.

Jade mats are made of natural rubber, still usable for those with synthetic rubber allergies. Used in the TruFusion and Hot Pilates rooms, TruTribers will find great traction with or without a towel. The mat’s texture will keep your hands and feet in place, and its density perfectly cushions your knees and elbows.

YDL mats are made from natural rubber coated with a layer of micro fiber. These mats work best in the hottest and sweatiest classes. The micro fiber acts like velcro, causing traction by sticking to bare hands and feet. However, to use this mat in a non-heated environment it’s encouraged to wet the mat prior to usage.

Lululemon mats are great for non-heated and heated classes on a hard surface. These mats are thick and comfortable and their density gives great support to the elbows, knees and hips. When in contact with the mat’s coated surface, bare hands and feet get great traction. Due to versatility, we highly recommend Lululemon mats for every class.

The Manduka mats are unparalleled comfort and cushioning. It’s 100% latex free, and safe to use for people with latex sensitivities. The high quality material will not peel, flake or fade. The Manduka PRO boasts OekoTex certified, emissions-free manufacturing and is backed by a Lifetime Guarantee. It’s engineered for sustainability and its longevity reduces consumption and landfill waste by staying with ready to use.

The Manduka eKO mat now offers an unparalleled grip to perform even in the sweatiest of conditions. The eKO mat leaves behind no footprint in landfills because it’s from biodegradable, non-Amazon harvested, and natural tree rubber. Make this your designated practice space and let the natural rubber cushion and support your body and conscious with this eco-friendly choice.

TruFusion embroidered logo mats are the Goldilocks mat. Hot or cold, yoga or fitness, these mats are suitable for every class. For the try everything enthusiast, we recommend these mats because they’re a great value for their versatility. Made of natural spongy rubber, the TruFusion mats have enough thickness to cushion you on a hard floor as you push through a class.

Realizing what your mat was intended for will aid you in your practice and allow you to perform better. Are you in the market for a new mat? The promotion code at the bottom discounts 20 percent from all mats purchased in studio. Which mat will you pick as you find your edge?



11 Things To Know Before Your First Hot Class

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At TruFusion we love the heat.

Anything from Hot Yoga to Hot Barre, we like to help our TruTribers’ stretch deeper and sweat harder than ever before. Hot classes can be a bit intimidating, but the key is all in preparation. Follow these tips on how to conquer your first hot yoga class.

1. Hydrate before. Before taking a hot class, it is essential to properly hydrate yourself. You will release a lot of water during class as you sweat, and you will usually leave drenched. It is highly encouraged to bring water into class.

2. Electrolytes are important. The body needs electrolytes to conduct electrical impulses. Human electrolytes come in the form of salt, manganese, potassium and baking soda, also-known-as sodium bicarbonate. Your body will need to replenish its salt supply after sweating through class. If you’re looking for a natural source of electrolytes, check out the Ginger Lime and Cherry Pineapple Infusion Waters at the TruHealth Bar. Some TruTribers take SaltStick tabs before class.

3. Bring the right accessories. You will need a mat and at least one towel. You can use the towel in a couple ways. The first is draping the towel over the mat to catch excess sweat that drips off your body and help keep your body from slipping. The second is to have a hand towel off to the side to wipe sweat away during class. Bring both if you feel like you need them. Other accessories, such as blocks, straps or weights are provided at TruFusion, although some members like to bring their own.

4. Wear the right gear. Synthetic fabrics are formulated to wick away moisture from the skin and evenly distribute it for faster drying time and less sweat stains. Natural fibers allow moisture to pool in one spot, get soggy and can take forever to dry. Natural fibers can also stretch out of shape and trap bacteria. Want more guidance on workout wear? Read our blog post: What Not To Wear To Your Workout. 

5. Talk to the instructor. Before class starts, let your instructor know that it is your first time and tell them about any pre-existing injury or health conditions. This will allow the instructor to keep you in mind and offer modifications for certain challenging poses.

6.  Let your breath carry you through. Just as breathing carries you through life, it will carry you through your class. Regulating the breath through tough postures will help protect the integrity of your form and manage intensity at its peak. Many instructors incorporate breathing cues into their classes. Following those breathing cues will help you manage the heat and physical activity.

7. Allow yourself to acclimate. Don’t despair if it takes you a few classes to adjust to the heat. If it becomes too much, try to stay in the room during and after class as moving from extreme heat to a colder climate can be a shock to the system. Take a knee or heroes pose for a moment and focus on your breath. If you feel like you are able to continue the class then do so. Remember to be kind to yourself and honor your body.

8. Get out of your head. Keeping an open mind in class will allow you to perform to your highest ability. Let your body carry you through your practice and dictate what you can  do. Statements such as “I can’t,” even if said to yourself, are self-fulfilling prophecy. When you just get into the flow and you find your edge, your abilities might surprise you.

9. Wash off the toxins. As you sweat throughout the class, you will release toxins. Make it a point to take a shower as soon as possible after the class ends. Also, make it a point to wash off your mat at some point to clean off toxins and prevent bacteria growth.

10. Change your clothes. Wet workout gear is a breeding ground for bacteria. It will carry any toxins you have sweat out, causing skin irritation. If you don’t have time for a shower or prefer taking one at home, at least change out of those wet clothes. Facial towelettes are nice to wipe away any dirt if you’re on the run.

11. Hydrate afterwards. It’s important to continue to hydrate and give yourself electrolytes. You may not feel like eating right after a class, but your body needs to refuel. Drinking a smoothie is a great way to replenish the salt and water content you lost without eating. Pre-order a smoothie before class so that it’s ready once you rise out of savasana. The TruHealth Bar’s Watermelon Revitalizer is a great option packed with coconut water, watermelon, pineapple, chia seeds and hemp seeds.

Hot classes are all about having fun and finding your edge. Now that you’re armed with some tips to prepare, sign up for your first hot class at TruFusion and be ready to bring the heat!


The Ultimate Fitness Cruise

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Calling all TruTribers, adventure is near.

Start packing that Free People bathing suit, NiyamaSOL work out gear and your matching flippy floppies in preparation for The Ultimate Fitness Cruise.

TruFusion will be aboard The Carnival Miracle cruise liner for six days. The Trutribe will sail across the Mexican Riviera starting from Long Beach, CA, ports of call are Cabo San Lucas, and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and docking back in Long Beach. The TruFusion team will be teaching nine classes throughout the fun and sun. The classes hosted yoga, Pilates, Bootcamp and Acro Yoga. Instructors will include Zeek Vincent, Martin Hinton, Jacqueline Reinhardt, and Cristina Osorio.

However, it’s not all the fitness on board. Other amenities await you such as exploring Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta Mexico while at port. You an also dance the night away, or just sit back and watch the Las Vegas style shows and special entertainment. Their is a full casino and other games on board for the TruTribe’s pleasure. Dining is always available from early morning to late night. There’s an opportunity for formal dress options all the way down to shorts and t-shirts, for other dining areas. And after living life to the fullest, take some time for R&R at the spa complete with steam rooms, a sauna, a gym and other spa options not inclusive in rate. TruTribers can take time to enjoy the view of the high seas on the outdoor jogging track.

Are you unsure of your sea legs? How about attend a workshop on dry land Friday, August 7, at 5 p.m. – 7:15 p.m. Enjoy refreshments and classes taught by Zeek Vincent, Martin Hinton, Jaqueline Reinhardt and Cristina Osorio. There will be informational table in the TruFusion lounge for Q&A. The workshop pricing is $10 per person.

Check out how to register and pay for the cruise on The TruFusion website and complete your full registration on zflowpoweryoga.com. Early birds can stow away for as little as $680 – $1589 before August 3. To secure your cabin and current pricing, there is $250 down deposit.

You’ll be the only one of your friends who can say they have perfected boat pose while on a boat.


2-Day Yin Yoga Workshop & Teacher Training with Master Paulie Zink

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Are you curious to learn from the Yin Yoga founder and internationally acclaimed martial arts champion? We are pleased to host a two day Yin Yoga workshop with Master Paulie Zink! With over thirty years of experience Paulie continues to evolve his unique style of yoga that is rooted in the ancient Taoist traditions.

This is the perfect workshop to rebuild your health, energy, well being, and also restore your movement to its natural state. Sign up today at the front desk today!


Losing Weight at TruFusion

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Losing Weight at TruFusion is Easy

TruFusion makes it easy to lose weight in a healthy way. Most gyms or studios will work you to the bone, and often times, people will become discouraged by the immediate intensity of workouts. TruFusion has perfected the art of massaging new members into a comfortable exercise regimen that keeps them motivated and committed. With over 50 instructors who are all skilled in a variety of exercise disciplines, with several different exercise environments, TruFusion gears their workouts towards getting you in the best shape of your life at a pace that you’re comfortable with.

The instructors at TruFusion are experts in their craft. They all specialize in a variety of exercises, poses, and movements. Some of our instructors are nationally renowned gurus! Meet Martin Hinton, the director and instructor at TF — Martin has invested more than a decade into creating and innovating what are now known as Tru Barefoot BootCamp and Kettlebell classes. These are some of the most popular classes at TF. He also founded Five Mountain Fitness Studios in Hawaii and personally created fitness programs for policemen and firefighters. He has perfected a variety of classes from Vinyasa Yoga to Hot Pilates and currently teaches the largest group Kettlebell classes in the United States.

Another one of our coveted gurus is instructor Zeek Vincent. Since 1993, he has studied various schools of practice; such as Kundalini, Sivananda, Bikram, Ashtanga, and Baptiste. He carries 17 plus years of extensive experience, and is highly regarded as a soulful and motivating instructor. His inspirational guidance allows for members to easily immerse themselves in the often arduous positions and postures. His classes attract people from all over the United States. In fact, you will often see our other instructors in his Z Flow classes. He gets a lot of respect from his peers and it’s well deserved. Zeek is a big reason why it is so easy to get in shape at TF.

If our valued gurus don’t hook new members, then the classes and classrooms definitely will. Especially our heated rooms. Our TruFusion room is held at a temperature of 103 degrees and 40% humidity. It is our hottest room. The benefits of the heat and humidity is your body will immediately loosen up and become more pliable, making your stretches more powerful and your movement more fruitful. This room also has amazing detoxing effects, by turning your skin (the largest organ in your body) into a giant filter. It’s a way of cleansing your body from radical pathogens and bacteria. Not to mention, you’re shedding the weight just by being in the room. So even at a moderate exercise intensity, you’re losing healthy weight.

All of our rooms are devoted to different practices and exercise disciplines. Our Ashtanga room is NOT heated and designed to be air conditioned. The focus in this room is to build up heat within your own body. These classes tend to focus on deeper more friction causing breaths, so you work yourself into a hearty sweat. It is preferred by people who feel they should allow their own body movement to control their flow, rather than have a room make the body sweat. The Ashtanga room is also enjoyed by people who prefer to focus on their practice rather than endure the heated conditions similar to our TruFusion room. It’s a perfect room for beginners AND advanced yogis to polish their practice.

The Hot Pilates room is designed to be held at 93 degrees and is used in much the same way as the TruFusion Room. The Hot Pilates Room is cooler than the TruFusion room because the movements are fast paced, repetitious, and generate a bunch of heat within the body. We combine the loosening and detoxing effects of the TruFusion room with the gut busting core building power of Pilates. This has become our most popular room, often times boasting 50-60 members for one class, increasing the heat substantially. People can push themselves harder and faster, knowing their work is compounded by the added challenge of the conditions. This room is perfect for intermediate to advanced athletes looking for an evolving challenge. The instructors pay close attention to maintaining variety within their workouts to keep you guessing and motivated.

Our TRX room is a non heated room. It is important to note that this room is often left without any AC at all, meaning that by the end of a busy class it will be rather warm and humid. We put classes here that are either particularly challenging (like the kettlebells class, because many who take it want to use very aggressive weights) or traction based classes (like TRX, where the friction between your foot and the floor is the difference between you leaning into a chest press and you coming up with an excuse to go visit the dentist). It is also beneficial for those who want an intense workout, love our studio, but don’t want the temperatures of the Hot Pilates room.

With a variety of exercise environments combined with a skilled and knowledgable staff, there’s no wonder why TruFusion has become the premier destination in Las Vegas.


Kettlebells at TruFusion

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The Tru About Kettlebells

Competitors from around Las Vegas are gathering for the Second Annual Kettlebell Competition this Saturday. The champion will be determined by strength and endurance in each of the six events – regardless of gender. However, kettlebells aren’t just serious competitors. TruTribers are throwing around kettlebells in Bootcamp, Down’n Dirty and Kettlebell classes. Why are kettlebells such a popular option?

Kettlebells were developed in Russia in the 1700s, primarily for weighing crops. It is said that farmers recognized that they were becoming increasingly stronger in using them and began to incorporate them in a daily workout routine by the turn of the century. The Soviet army used them as part of their physical training and conditioning programs. They have been used for competition and sports throughout Russia and Europe since the 1940s.

Typical kettlebell exercises build strength and endurance, particularly in the lower back, legs, abdominals and shoulders. They also increase grip strength. The basic movements, such as the swing, snatch, and the clean and jerk, engage the entire body at once, and in a way that mimics real world activities such as shoveling or farm work. These are called compound movements and they are extremely effective at burning and metabolizing fat while also building lean muscle.

Unlike dumbbell and barbell exercises, kettlebell exercises often involve high repetitions. Not only do you build lean muscle mass, but due to the dynamic movement and extended duration of the exercises, one can build a substantial amount of endurance too. Kettlebell exercises are partially aerobic and more similar to high intensity interval training rather than traditional weight lifting. In turn, kettlebell training couples cardio and weight training together, giving you the ultimate fusion.

How effective is kettlebell training? In one study, kettlebell enthusiasts performing a 20-minute snatch workout were measured to burn, on average, 13.6 calories/minute aerobically and 6.6 calories/minute anaerobically during the entire workout – equivalent to running a 6-minute mile pace (Schnettler 2010 ACE). Utilizing kettlebells in your training increases your heart rate substantially. An increased heart rate means that you’re burning fat. Burning fat and building lean muscle in one workout with one piece of exercise equipment is extremely efficient for achieving your desired fitness goals.

At Trufusion, we take our kettlebells classes very seriously. We have highly trained instructors who offer expert guidance on compound movement, stability, and mobility. Not only do we offer Tru Kettlebells classes, but we also incorporate bells in our Bootcamp classes. The use of kettlebells has become an integral part of Trufusion’s success. In addition to boosting your strength and cardiovascular fitness, it is likely you’ll also increase your balance and flexibility, too. And since kettlebell training is so efficient, you may be able to get better results while spending less time in the studio. Come into Tru today and see why kettlebells work so well and why more and more people are flocking to the studios to throw some bells around.


Looking for a new gym? TruFusion is everyone’s gym.

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Looking for a new place to workout? Look no further! Trufusion is your refuge. There are so many options in Las Vegas, it can be a daunting experience. Crossfit? Pilates? Yoga? Athletic clubs? Where does one begin? In a town so saturated with extremely fit service industry workers, it can be easy to feel some form of social pressure to be fit. Where you workout can typically illuminate a broader lifestyle choice. Everyone has that Crossfit friend who can tell you exactly how many burpees they can do, or what his or her PR is for deadlift. But does that lifestyle choice suit you? Committing to a gym is a big leap of faith, that’s why we offer month to month packages. At Trufusion, we empathize with you and we take the guesswork out of finding a new place to sweat. We offer a multitude of classes and exercise disciplines that will keep you excited and committed. By fusing together several different practices, we can appeal to all demographics, shapes and sizes. Look no further, Trufusion has everything you need.

Your goals are important to us. Want to lose weight? Have an important event you want to be tip top for? Our heated yoga and Pilates classes are proven to shed pounds effectively. Looking to tone your glutes and add definition to your abs? Our Barefoot Bootcamp, Kettlebells and Battle Ropes classes have become the premier destination for the fittest locals in Las Vegas. Just ask Pedro Vazquez a former World Inline Speed Skating competitor:

“I come to TruFusion because it’s a total intense body workout. My favorite classes are KettleBell, Battle Rope, and Barefoot Bootcamp.”


We have recruited some of the best instructors in the U.S. to ensure that you’re getting optimal guidance and motivation. Our instructors specialize in a variety of disciplines and practices. Looking to find a good yoga studio? Trufusion offers the BEST yoga classes in Las Vegas with an impressive variety of practices. Ever take a Bikram yoga class? Try Zeek Vincent’s Z Flow class. He brings with him, along with nearly two decades of experience, an avant garde style of teaching, which is weaved with powerful inspiration and verbal motivation. He carries 17 plus years of extensive experience!

Whoever you are, whatever your goals are, Trufusion has you covered. You could be a new mom looking to get back into shape. You could be a muscular male looking to tone your midsection. We can cater to everyone. Come and see for yourself. In fact, we’re currently doing a promotion! For only $7 you get 7 days to workout. That’s a dollar a day! Come see why everyone in town is flocking to Trufusion.