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The heat is on. Located around the corner from Miracle Mile and 5 miles southwest of Downtown Miami, this studio offers
4 of TruFusion's signature heated and unheated rooms: Sweat, Rock, Soul, and Ride. Sign up today and see why the Sunshine State just got a little brighter.


  • A man lifting kettlebells


    Skyrocket your strength and stamina to crush some serious calories.

    • Tru Boxing Conditioning
    • Tru Barefoot Bootcamp
    • Tru Ride
    • Tru Kettlebell
    • Tru Circuit
    • HIITribe
  • A woman stretching in a yoga class


    Recover after a fitness class or take a moment to just relax.

    • TRU YIN
  • A woman lifting dumbbells


    Target muscles you didn’t even know you had to keep you long and lean.

    • Tru Signature Series
    • Tru Power Flow
    • Tru Flow
    • Tru Fit Flow
    • Vinyasa
    • Tru Hot Pilates
    • Tru Hot Barre
    • Tru TRX


  • “Almost day 30 here and I had to sit in my car after hot Pilates and write a review because I have LOVED every single class at this place. Besides the nicest instructors and staff and cleanest and newest facilities. This place has challenged me more in four weeks than any other gym.”

    Olivia G. Member

  • “Lexi was the best yoga teacher I’ve ever encountered. She was extremely helpful and her class was phenomenal. Being fairly new and inexperienced to yoga, she helped me big time in getting in proper position and helping me perform movements much better.”

    Matt H. Member