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Classes at TruFusion are designed to challenge you while giving you the ability to modify. This allows clients, from the most experience to the brand new beginner, to equally enjoy all the same classes.  In addition, TruFusion is one of the most innovative studios that create uniquely challenging methods which keeps your body guessing and growing.  This summer we launch the TruFusion Balance Pad!

The TruFusion Balance Pad is a fantastic addition to all fitness classes.  Just like your yoga mat, the TruFusion Balance Pad travels with you from class to class supporting, cushioning, and challenging you as you see fit. Supporting your C-Curve during a hot Pilates, cushioning your knees during a Barefoot Bootcamp, and challenging you further in the new Kettlebell Core; turn this into your tool to greatness!

This item is on sale today as a Pre-Order. Product will be available for pickup in September.  We will email you once your TruFusion Balance Pad is ready!

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