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By  February 24, 2016
It’s easy to just not pack your lunch. Seriously, it’s so easy to just go to work and figure it out than trying to do it in the AM. But that’s what Sunday is for. Plan out your whole week and I promise your eating will be healthy, thoughtful and delicious.

What I typically do for lunch is a salad. So I’ll bring 2 – 3 bags of greens to work with me on Monday and leave them in the fridge here. I always have a base. On Sunday’s I’ll usually try to think about what I’d want to have each day. So one day it might be spicy bison and onions, the next, fresh white turkey or home made tuna salad.

I figure out what fixings and dressings I want too. I’ll chop up mushrooms and onions one day. Tomatoes and avocado for the next. I bring 2 different dressings and hot sauce to work as well and this makes it super easy.

All this to say, a little planning goes a long way. You can do this with anything. Maybe make a bison meatloaf on Sunday and serve it up for lunch all week. One day it can be a sandwich, the next it can be a part of your salad, the next day you can add a little salsa and gauc and some fresh red and green peppers. You can chop it up and make tacos.

Seriously, the world is yours. What are of your favorite lunch time adventures?

FYI. I only do this Monday – Thursday. On Friday’s I force myself to try something new around work.

Do two jump squats followed by two squats 10 times,



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