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Women’s Month – Gigi Bastian

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Gigi Bastian moved to Las Vegas from California two year ago to go to school.  She knew all of two people, didn’t have a job, and was overweight.  Unhappiness and boredom set in, and in between job interviews and filling out applications, she began taking advantage of every free gym trial available in her area.  She made it her goal to lose weight and develop a healthier lifestyle.  “In all honesty, I hated the gym,” says Gigi, “I didn’t have a clue how to work out.  It seemed like I was the only ‘chubby’ one there, and I felt completely ostracized from everybody else.”

One day, as Gigi complained to a friend about wanting to get into shape, her friend mentioned TruFusion.  Upon hearing the words “hot Pilates,” Gigi cringed.  “If I could barely stand to work out in a crowded gym, I definitely wasn’t jumping at the opportunity to sweat my ass off in a crowded Pilates room” Gigi states.

Her friend did a lot of convincing to get her to attend a Pilates class, and somehow, Gigi found herself plopped down on a mat at nine o’ clock in the morning.  “To be blunt, I hated it” she says.  “I absolutely hated that first class; I left the room three times and I felt myself jiggle more than I have in my entire life, but when I sat down to take a break, or left the room to get more water, the instructor (Monica) routinely checked in with me.  After what seemed like an eternity of sweaty hell, the class was over, all the extremely fit middle-aged women had filed out of the room, and I laid there on my mat, feeling my heart pounding in my ears.”

When asked by Monica how she liked her first class, Gigi was honest.  She told her that it felt like she had gone into cardiac arrest.  Monica laughed, gave Gigi a high five, and told her she was proud of her for sticking it out.  She made Gigi promise that she would come back, and told her that the first class was always the hardest and that, slowly but surely, it would get easier.

Gigi says, “I think it was her sincerity (and extremely buff arms) that made me want to come back.”  It was the first time she felt encouraged.  It was the first time she felt like she could actually accomplish something. Nobody made fun of her for leaving the room three times, nobody stared at her thighs, nobody seemed bothered by the fact that she had zero idea what she was doing.

“Monica didn’t act like I was an inconvenience every time I got up and left, instead, she guided and accepted me.  I think that’s what the TruTribe is all about – guidance and acceptance, embracing who you are and making conscious choices to improve the parts of you that you wish to change.  TruFusion became a place where I was allowed to look like a hot mess, sweat through my clothes for an hour, and work out without judgement.  It’s affected my life tremendously – TruFusion has nearly become my therapy.  When I’m suffering from a stressful day at work, I run over to TruFusion and sweat the stress out for an hour.”

Not only has Gigi lost forty pounds because of the incredible classes and instructors at TruFusion, but she’s regained a peace of mind, and has found her happy place.  “I’ll always recommend TruFusion to anyone looking for a place to improve their body/mind without judgment, and I’ll always encourage people to come back after that first class just like Monica did with me.”


Women’s Month – Marni Wolf

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Marni Wolf’s first visit to TruFusion was just a few days after she heard about the TruFusion concept.  Her fiancé, Joe, came home one day after talking to a friend, who is in the gym business and said he was going to Las Vegas to check out this new group fitness brand.  When their friend returned from his trip and told Joe and Marni about the multi-studio concept with the many different modalities, the spa-like locker rooms, retail (Marni is a huge shopper!) and the healthy café, they knew they needed to fly out to Vegas and see for themselves this center that sounded to be exactly what they had been searching for in group fitness.  She was instantly addicted, and after taking Joe to try a class, he was hooked as well.

Marni had been doing hot sculpt yoga for about 9 years.  She loved the loud music, the inspiring instructors, working out with a group of people, the community vibe, and walking out of a class so sweaty and knowing that she had just spent the last hour pushing herself beyond what she thought she was physically capable of doing.  Yet, she still wanted to try other types of group fitness and her current gym was just a one-room hot yoga studio.  So, she started buying class packages at different studios in order to incorporate cycling, barre and Pilates into her workout routine – she even tried a free week at a kickboxing studio.  She was paying so much money and going to so many different places to get a variety of group fitness modalities that when she found TruFusion, she knew it was exactly what she’d been looking for.  She loved the way she felt the minute she walked into TruFusion and knew instantly that she wanted to become involved and help spread the TruFusion brand outside of Las Vegas.

“The TruTribe means a sense of community to me.  It’s definitely not a feeling you get when you are working out at a big gym.  I feel like it has become my second home and I have met so many amazing people who I truly have connected with since my introduction to TruFusion almost 1.5 years ago.  The people I’ve met through TruFusion have become friends and family to me.”

“TruFusion has had such an effect on my life in so many different ways.  I love that I am helping to build a brand that I am very passionate about.  I love that my passion has now become a career and a way of life for me.  I love that TruFusion gives people a sense of community and helps people transform their lives.  I’ve met so many great people along this TruFusion journey, and I feel so fortunate to be able to share what TruFusion has given to me with other people.”

Marni Wolf – TruFusion Regional Developer and Scottsdale TruFusion owner


What are Chakras, and Why Should I Care?

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The chakras are spiraling electro-magnetic energy wheels that feed both positive and negative energy through the body. There are seven main chakras and many smaller ones that when balanced, work together to create harmony and positivity in our lives. 

Why do I care?

Energy exists all around us and through our bodies. The chakras allow that universal energy (consciousness) to move from one frequency to another spiraling along the spine and throughout the body through the nadis (channels).¹

The blocked flow of positive energy or the flow of energy in the opposite direction as with imbalanced chakras can cause serious mental, physical, and emotional issues.

Most of us hold our emotions and life traumas in the areas of the seven chakras. For instance, it’s because of the third chakra, the solar plexus chakra, that you experience an upset stomach or butterflies in the belly when dealing with fear, anxiety, and introversion. With consistent fear or anxiety, severe stomach pains such as ulcers can occur.

History of chakras

Chakras have been a popular part of the Hindu religion for over 5,000 years; however the idea of chakras has been been seen across a vast expanse of cultures- even cultures that had no knowledge of each other’s existence.

In fact, archeologists found the remains of a woman buried approximately 20,000 years ago who was wearing a headdress with the chakras on it.

Overview of the main chakras

Throughout the next seven months, we will be highlighting each chakra—delving deeper into their benefits, issues, and how to use them to create a balanced, harmonious life—but for now, here is an overview of the seven main chakras.

#1: The Root Chakra

Root Chakra

Sanskrit Name



Survival, Self-preservation

Body Location

Base of spine




Black Tourmaline


Red Jasper




#2: The Sacral Chakra

sacral chakra

Sanskrit Name



Sexuality, Self-gratification

Body Location

Between navel and genitals





Rutilated Quartz



#3: The Solar Plexus/Navel Chakra

solar plexus chakra

Sanskrit Name



Power; Self-definition

Body Location

Below sternum & above navel





Golden Calcite

Golden Topaz

#4: The Heart Chakra

heart chakra

Sanskrit Name



Love, Self-acceptance

Body Location

Center of chest




Watermelon Tourmaline

Rose Quartz


#5: The Throat Chakra

throat chakra

Sanskrit Name



Communication, Self-expression

Body Location

Center base of neck




Sodalite Lapis


Blue Lace Agate


#6: The Third Eye Chakra

third eye chakra

Sanskrit Name



Intuition, Self-reflection

Body Location

Above/Between eyebrows








#7: The Crown Chakra

crown chakra

Sanskrit Name



Survival, Self-preservation

Body Location

Base of spine





Clear Quartz



What do I do with them?

There are many techniques to encourage balance of your chakras including reflexology, kinesiology, aromatherapy, reiki, yoga, crystals, color therapy, and even eating certain specific foods. These techniques are explained in more detail in The Chakra Bible.

Need more of the chakras in your life? Check out the amazing chakra jewelry from Chakra Creations!

I Tried Cryotherapy and Here’s What Happened…

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It’s intimidating. This black tube is supposed to bring my body temperature down to 30 degrees F. Why would anyone ever want to do this? Why would I want to do this?!

But with TruFusion’s new steal of a deal of four sessions for $149, I had to try it. Plus, I was really curious as to what the heck this cryotherapy thing was all about.

After hyping myself up for about 20 minutes, I was ready to take on this time-machine-looking beast of a unit and it’s -200 to -250 F temperatures.

I confidently strolled up to the front desk to let them know that I was ready to try cryo, and the technician immediately led me into the room to get me signed up.

He provided me a robe to cover up with before getting into the Cryo Source Unit and also gave me socks, shoes, and gloves to keep my toes and fingers from getting too cold. Then he left the room to allow me to disrobe into my sports bra and shorts (although you can go in naked if you’d prefer).

Once I was suited up, the technician came back into the room. He adjusted the floor padding to make sure that my head would stay out of the unit and above the nitrogen vapor. (Before you ask, nitrogen is a non-toxic gas that we breathe in every day and is completely safe when mixed with the proper amount of oxygen.)

I anxiously climbed into the Cryo Source Unit, and he shut the door.

And things got real.

Real cold.

It started off as a pleasant misting of cool air.

As the temperature began to drop, I could feel each hair on my body slowly start to rise like snakes being charmed out of their baskets by their master’s music.

My body began to tighten, and for the first few moments of freezing blasts, I could feel my breath being taken away. My heart accelerated and my muscles started to tense and release, creating small involuntary shivers.

Some people say cryotherapy was the longest three minutes of their lives, but I didn’t find that to be true. Despite the involuntary shivering, I actually really enjoyed the experience. It was not as cold as I expected, and it definitely did not seem to last three minutes.

The idea of cryotherapy was much scarier than the reality.

Instantly after stepping out of the Cryo Source Unit, my body was noticeably changed—both inside and out.

My skin was taut, a little reddened, and very cold. But more noticeable was the change in my energy level. I felt awakened, my entire body refreshed. It was like a ball of energy had burst through my body. I was alert and honestly ready to take on the world.

It only took a few minutes for my body to warm back up to a comfortable temperature and for my slightly red skin to return to it’s normal color, and then I went and killed my Tru Barefoot Bootcamp Core class.

Now it’s your turn.

How low can you go?

Things To Know

  • They do give you gloves, socks, and shoes to keep your fingers and toes from getting too cold.
  • Wear two pairs of gloves or socks if your extremities are extra sensitive to cold.
  • They provide you a robe to change into.
  • You can go in naked if you choose.
  • Remove any metal from your body before entering the unit.
  • No part of your body or clothing can be wet when entering the unit.
  • It’s really not bad, and it’s definitely all about your mindset.
  • TruFusion is having a deal of 4 cryo sessions for only $149, so you should go try it right now!

More Questions?

Want to know more about cryotherapy and the Cryo Source Unit? Check out Cryo Source Unit, Inc.’s website.


Upcoming Workshops & Trainings

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Kettlebell Workshop #1







This workshop introduces drills applied in both kettlebell and bootcamp classes.

January 10th

12PM – 3PM

Martin Hinton + Cristina Osorio


TRX Room








Reset your body, mind and spirit for the New Year with this special detoxifying Zeeta Aroma-Yoga workshop! Join Christine Frazzitta, herbalist, TruFusion teacher and founder of ZeetaBody.com, on your yoga mat as we wind down from a wonderful season of celebrations and nurture the body with 100% natural herbs and oils – by combining the ancient practices of aromatherapy with yoga asana and pranayama your in for a serious cleansing, amazingly aromatic and sweaty good time. Zeeta body samples will be given out during the workshop!

January 23rd

3PM – 5PM

Christine Frazzitta


TruFusion Room

Kettlebell Workshop #2







This workshop will review terminology, techniques, and general knowledge of the basic bell movements for proper execution. A fitness test will be conducted, and must be passed in order to teach.

February 7th

12PM – 3PM

Martin Hinton + Cristina Osorio


TRX Room


Hot Pilates Teacher Training (50 hr)







More Info:

Over this two-weekend intensive course, you will develop a sense of mastery of traditional mat 1-2 Pilates, high intensity interval training, functional exercise, and yoga flow concepts. In addition, students learn basic anatomy, high-level communication techniques and have access to a truflow yoga workshop.

January 16th – 31st

January 16th, 17th, 23rd, and 24th are mandatory days with 10 hours devoted each day. During the week on the 19th and 21st, there are two sets of four hour modules. The trainees must attend at least two of the four modules.

Martin Hinton + Liz Steers



Hot Yoga Teacher Training (200 hr RYT)







More Info:

This training will provide a great fundamental foundation of teaching skills and most importantly, experience in teaching. The clients will have two tangible styles (TruFusion 75 and TruFlow) to be able to teach upon full completion of the training. It will be focused on being very practical and has in depth anatomy and history/philosophy components to create well-rounded teachers.

February 1st – 27th

Two classes a day, 6 days a week for approximately 6-8 hours of instruction and lectures per day.

Mark Balfe-Taylor + Marissa Lee Harris + Jacky Pagone



ZFlow Transformational Teacher Training (200 RYT)







More Info:

In this training you will become more familiar with traditional yoga poses and the foundations to build them, gain insights into formulating vinyasa yoga sequencing, build self-confidence to command and teach a class, and more.

March 4th – April 22nd

Friday 4PM – 9PM / Saturday and Sundays 9AM – 7PM

Zeek Vincent


$2,800 Early Bird / $2,600 Certified Instructors

Wait… there’s more!

Pilates Training: August 27th – September 4th

Yoga Training: July 25th – August 20th

Kettlebell Training: Stay tuned!


Gratitude: The How & Why

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It’s the happiest time of the year! Family, friends, food, love… there are so many great things about the holiday season. And what better way to celebrate them than to show gratitude for all of these wonderful parts of your life?

Besides making others happy, according to Instructor Chidimma Ozor, showing gratitude relieves stress. She said:

“When I’m stressed, I take a quick moment to get into gratitude. Gratitude is an action word so even verbally recounting or writing down the things for which I’m grateful helps me stop stress in its tracks.”

Recognizing how fortunate you are is also an instant mood booster. Instructor Alexa Maytorena said:

“Between work, the pressure of trying to find the perfect gifts, and at times feeling spread too thin, sometimes it’s easy to forget that we are actually pretty lucky. Find time in your day to think about what you are thankful for. Whether it’s your warm bed, or running vehicle, or the hot lunch you just enjoyed; once you get into the habit of practicing gratitude, the easier it is to count your many blessings!

Here are a few ways to show gratitude this holiday season.

Do something little but thoughtful…

like help your mother bake cookies. Better yet, offer to help them with something they don’t enjoy like washing the dishes from dinner or hanging Christmas lights.

Volunteer your time or your resources.

Alexa said, “To help others, you can find local food banks to donate to, collect blankets and warm clothing to give those in need, or even be a Secret Santa to a stranger! By helping those who are less fortunate than we are, we are reminded what the holiday season is all about.”

Give a larger tip than usual to your server.

If they’ve provided really exceptional service, let them know by leaving a generous tip. They’ll appreciate the little extra cash to get presents for their loved ones. If there’s a tip jar, do one even better and leave a thoughtful note to really let them know what you appreciated.

Don’t give a gift they need.

Get them a gift they want (or maybe don’t even know they want). Many people ask for presents that they need, but getting a gift for someone that they really want or deserve is a much better way to show appreciation. Anyone can buy themselves a shampoo and conditioner, but giving them a vintage necklace or a book you know they’ll love really shows how well you know them or how much you know they deserve a nice gift.

Give compliments the moment you’re feeling grateful.

If someone helps you with a task or gives you great advice, telling them right in that moment that you appreciate their help or wisdom is quick, easy, and flattering. You don’t have to make a big deal out of your gratitude to show someone you care. Just be sure to make sure the compliment is genuine.

Write a nice holiday card…

thanking someone you truly appreciate for all they have done for you. We are all extremely busy, so taking time out of your life to list out reasons why you appreciate someone is a sure-fire way to show gratitude.

Pay full attention to your friends and relatives when they talk.

Listen with the intent of understanding and not just with the intent of responding. Truly listening to someone is one of the best and easiest ways to show him or her that you really care about and appreciate what they have to say.


How do you show gratitude? Let us know in a comment!


From us to you, we would like to say a heartfelt thank you to every member of our TruTribe. Every single day you inspire us and each other to push the limits, to find your edge. You are our motivation. Our wisdom. The reason we do love what we do every single day. Thank you TruTribe. We wish you all the happiest and healthiest of holidays.

eat healthy

How to Eat Right During the Holidays

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Honey-baked ham, mashed potatoes, Bubbe’s latkes, apple pie… are you hungry yet?
eat healthy

Eating is one of the many joys of the holidays. But just because there are so many delicious dishes doesn’t mean you have to fall off of your healthy lifestyle wagon. Here are a few tips to stay healthy and enjoy the good food of the season.

You should eat…

Don’t starve yourself throughout the say in preparation for a big meal in the evening. Starving yourself during the day will only lead to over-eating later.

A filling, healthy breakfast

Eat a good breakfast so you can stay full longer and avoid snacking. Instructor Alexa Maytorena said, “By making breakfast an enjoyable first meal, you can fuel your Yuletide fire and keep you going all day without burning out!”

Good-for-you snacks

Keep healthy snacks on you so that when you do feel like having something, you have good options to choose from and don’t resort to unhealthy snacking due to lack of preparation. Snacks we suggest are:

  • Nuts: Almonds, Cashews, Walnuts
  • TruFusion Power Bar
  • Whole Fruits
  • Any of the TruFusion smoothies. Have you tried our featured December smoothie Mint Condition yet?
Balanced meals

Go ahead and eat a few treats or savory items, but also be sure to add veggies, nuts, and fruits to your plate, too.

Extra healthy

Eat extra healthy in the surrounding days when you know you have a less-than-healthy meal coming up. You can’t completely compensate for the bad meal, but it definitely won’t hurt to be extra good in the surrounding days.

A little bit of everything

It’s okay to have a piece of that apple pie, but keep it to a small piece. Do not deny yourself a treat, it will only leave you craving more and leads you to be more susceptible of overindulging later.

These plant-based recipes


How do you eat to stay healthy during the holidays? Let us know in a comment!
stress relief

Instructor Tips to Relieve Stress

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As we all know, the holidays can be a little stressful sometimes. No matter how hard you try—just like your greedy cousin—stress will show up on your doorstep at least once this season.

Never fear, four of our incredible instructors are here to give you some tips on how to manage that stress when it inevitably comes a-knockin’. Shout-out to instructors Whitney Owens, Psy.D., Chidimma Ozor, Jimmy Russo, and Alexa Maytorena for their great advice!

stress relief
Remember to breathe

Whitney said, “Take time each day to connect with your breath. On your way to work, a holiday party, or just sitting in your home, work on taking intentional deep inhales and exhales to release stress in the body. Sitting in meditation is also very helpful. You don’t have to meditate for long, 5 minutes of peace and practicing letting thoughts go can be incredibly rejuvenating.”

Chidimma said, “Remember your breath. The breath needs to proceed the movement…all movement..especially speech! Take a deep breath in and let it out and then proceed.”

Want more meditation tips? Take a look at our Meditation for Beginners blog post.

Check in with your support system

Sometimes being able to vent for a few minutes is all you really need. Chidimma said, “I check in with my support system: my faith, my family and/or my friends.” Find that person you trust and take a few minutes to get some things off your chest. When venting isn’t enough, ask for help and then implement solutions.

Take a step back

Jimmy said:

“When you feel that stressful moment affecting you, take a step back. Excuse yourself from the situation and take a quick walk outside if you can to get some fresh air. Ask yourself ‘does the event that’s creating stress really change you?’ Interlock your fingers behind your back, press them towards the floor and inhale as you open your chest and shoulders towards the ceiling. You should feel some relief bringing you back to what really matters.”

Strike a pose

“If you can squeeze in time for some light yoga before you start your day and a few poses before bed, you will notice how refreshed you feel in the morning and even sleep better at night,” said Alexa.

Whitney said, “Select a simple yoga pose daily to ground yourself down and become centered again.” Her suggested poses included:

Blow off steam

“We are all aware of the benefits of physical activity, and during the holidays we are constantly tempted to indulge on all those goodies. Make time for your workout to blow off any excess steam,” said Alexa.

Take a look at a few of our other posts for ideas on how to blow off steam.

Stop it before it starts

Although we can’t fully avoid stress, we can make choices to help lessen the amount we experience. Be selective about where you focus your energy. Whitney said, “Make choices that are rejuvenating and energizing, rather than depleting and exhausting.”

How do you destress during the holidays? Let us know in a comment!
sneak fitness

6 Simple Ways To Sneak In Fitness

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Being busy is no excuse to forget fitness. Here are six simple ways for you to sneak fitness into every day.
Stop, drop, and sun salute

Sometimes life gets a little hectic and you just want to scream. Taking a few moments to do a few sun salutations will squeeze in a quick workout that also leaves you feeling reinvigorated, refreshed, and ready to take on the world again. Director of Yoga Mark Balfe-Taylor suggests performing at least five for maximum relaxation results.

Do a full squat when you pick up, well, anything!

Drop it low when you’re picking up gifts from under the tree, getting the ham out of the oven, or lifting your little cousin for a hug.

Lunge from room to room

You’ve got to get to the kitchen for dinner somehow. Might as well make it into a workout!

Slow down

Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Find a parking spot at the back of the lot so you have to walk a little further. Small changes might slow you down a tiny but will add up to huge impacts if you practice them regularly.

Forego the cart

Squeeze in an extra arm workout by carrying your groceries instead of pushing a cart.

Flex in line

You have to wait line anyway for those Christmas gifts your little cousins “have” to have. Why not work double time and get in a quick workout. Flex your abs repeatedly. No one will notice and you’ll be well on your way to that six pack you asked Santa for for Christmas.

How do you sneak fitness into your day?
Stay sane

7 Secrets to Stay Sane this Holiday Season

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stay calm
Crowds. Family. Travel. They can all make you go a little mad during the holidays. But with these seven simple tricks, you can easily stay sane this season.
Sleep better with 5-HTP

Health.com recommends this plant extract because it “is thought to increase serotonin, reduce anxiety, and improve sleep.” It can be found in most drugstores, but be safe! The recommended dose is 150 milligrams daily and talk to your doctor before trying it if you take antidepressants.

Drop expectations

Sure the ham may be a little dry, or your niece didn’t react how you thought she would to the present you got her. But if you have too high of expectations, you’re putting pressure where it shouldn’t exist. Try letting go of the reins and enjoy the moment with no ideas in your head of what “should” be.

Kick it up a notch

According to health.com, spicy foods release endorphins that “trigger feelings of euphoria and well-being.” Hot sauce lovers, rejoice!

Take a whiff

Researchers say that some citrus fragrances can leave you feeling a little more sunny. Certain citruses like orange and lemon lower stress and boost overall mood by upping levels of norepinephrine, a hormone that affects mood. Dab or spray some orange or lemon mist on your wrist, an article of clothing, or your yoga mat to keep you calm.

Eat mango

We’ve always been taught that stress-eating is bad, but researchers in Japan say to reach for this sweet treat when things are getting a little. They say that chemicals in mangos “may alter your blood chemistry and send a wave of calm over your body.”

Upwrap yourself

Getting wrapped up is for gifts, not for you. We know it can be all too easy to get caught up in the chaos and forget to appreciate the reason for the season. When things are getting a little too hectic, take a step back, breathe, and remember that love and joy are what the holidays are all about. If you’re spending the holidays with even one great friend or family member, that’s all you really need, right?

Say yes to sex

Lowering stress levels, boosting self-esteem, and releasing endorphins are only a few of the reasons sex keeps you calm and sane. Sex also “raises oxytocin levels, which promotes sound sleep.” So go ahead and have a little fun in the hay. It’s good for you!

What are your tricks to staying sane? Tweet us at @TruFusionYoga!