1. Eating healthy

    Using A Nutritionist: Is It Right For You?

    You may have heard it said nutrition is a key part of staying healthy, losing weight, or gaining that desired size, shape, and muscle. It isn’t just an old wives’ tale, but understanding nutrition can be confusing. Every person is built differently, and their bodies require different portions of carbs, proteins, fats, minerals, and other…

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  2. A woman stretching in a yoga class

    Give Your Month A Mental Health Boost

    Mental Health: it is something that everyone strives to stay on top of and keep a good handle on. But staying positive, thinking happy thoughts all the time, and always being strong can be hard. May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and it is important to take the next 31 days and stop to focus…

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  3. The Best Fitness Trackers For Your Workout

    Fitness trackers have continued to grow in popularity, and many can do everything from track your heart rate to monitor your sleep. Finding the perfect tracker for your specific needs is important because each watch is created differently. Many of them offer basic functions, but some are better targeted toward particular fitness goals.   So…

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  4. TruFusion Walnut Creek Boxing

    Boxing: The Spring Trend To Get (Right) Hooked On

    Boxing and conditioning classes have made a comeback in the fitness world with many gyms and studios offering one form or another. Kickboxing, Muay Thai, and boxing modalities allow you to punch, condition, and push yourself to the limit. Many incorporate a mixture of HIIT training, cardio, shadow boxing, and bag work. Most studios provide…

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  5. Fun Workouts To Enjoy With Your Furry Friend

    Our pets bring us endless joy, but did you know you can incorporate them into your fitness regimes? Furry friends can benefit from workouts just as much as we, and there are a variety of ways to share your health journey. Whether you like to run, stretch, swim, or play, there is an exercise for…

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  6. TruFusion Summerlin Pilates

    Fitness Without Fear: Trying New Modalities

    Exploring new modalities can open a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to fitness. How will you ever know if you like circuit classes, barre, cycle, or TRX if you never set foot inside a studio and try them? The most important part of experiencing different classes is this: do not be afraid…

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  7. TruFusion Barrebell Image - Vertical

    Circuit Classes To Buzz About

    Circuits aren’t just for generating electricity: Circuit classes are actually great for creating a buzz within your body. If you’re looking for a way to get a real rush, why not try one of these heart-pumping routines? Give those muscles something to buzz about with these energizing routines. Circuits can range from 8-10 minutes and…

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  8. A woman doing a yoga pose

    Meditation You Can Do Anywhere

    Meditation is a great practice to help reduce stress, anxiety, overwhelming feelings, and other fearful emotions. While meditation is often done in a calm, controlled space, you can attempt it in any situation. Just make sure you are safe and others around won’t be negatively affected. Using this practice can be done in a busy…

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  9. Hot Yoga vs. Bikram: Which Is Right For You?

    If you’ve been thinking about trying hot yoga, it might have come to your attention that there are different types and modalities to choose from. Many know of the Bikram practice, but this can be confused with other kinds of hot yoga because it is widely popular for the heated room in which it is…

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  10. community-new-you

    Outdoor Workout Ideas To Amp Up Your Routine

    As the weather gears towards warmer temperatures, it is the perfect time to get outside and work those muscles! Why not take your fitness routine outdoors and absorb some vitamin D while burning calories? Regardless if you live in a concrete jungle, or call wide open spaces your backyard, finding a place to work out…

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  11. Low Impact Workouts That Give Big Results

    When it comes to finding a fitness routine that works for you, it can be a series of trial and error. Discovering classes or training that get your heart going without straining injuries or creating over exhaustion is important, which is a good reason to consider adding low-impact workouts to your daily sweat. Low impact…

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