Outdoor Workout Ideas To Amp Up Your Routine

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As the weather gears towards warmer temperatures, it is the perfect time to get outside and work those muscles! Why not take your fitness routine outdoors and absorb some vitamin D while burning calories? Regardless if you live in a concrete jungle, or call wide open spaces your backyard, finding a place to work out under bright blue skies can give your mental and physical health a boost. Here are a few ideas on how to enjoy a bit of fresh air while enjoying your favorite workout.


Hit A Local Park

Most cities have a plethora of local outdoor parks to choose from, so finding one to get a little outdoor HIIT training in should be easy. If the selection by your house isn’t ideal, try exploring ones further away that may suit your fitness needs. Parks can be a great place to set up a circuit workout, and you can bring small weights or use your own body weight. Jump rope, sprints, and leg workouts are easily done and can be fun in public spaces, especially when done with a group of friends.


Take A Hike

Whether you consider yourself an avid hiker or not, exploring trails and mountainous areas near or outside your town is a great way to get your muscles working and blood flowing. You can choose from more arduous treks, or just indulge in a light walk on flatter pathways that let you enjoy local flora and fauna. Walking and hiking are great for improving blood pressure and balance, while also decreasing the risk of heart disease.

Move Your Yoga Practice Outdoors

If you dabble in yoga or consider yourself a full-on yogi, moving your practice to an outdoor area can give it a whole new vibe. Let the elements play into the flow, creating longer stretches or deeper postures thanks to the breeze, sunshine, and open space around you. Take time to notice the weather, the sounds of any wildlife nearby, and try using the natural vibrations to calm your mind and meditate. If you live near a state park, find a visually inspiring place and set up for some poses while you take in the grandeur.


Just Keep Swimming

Is there anything as invigorating as swimming in an outdoor body of water? Why not take a day off from the gym and head out to a nearby lake, river, or the ocean- whatever is close enough to drive to. If you are landlocked, try finding a local swimming pool, then take some laps to burn calories before floating and taking in the relaxing feel of weightlessness. If you can get to the former options, rent a paddleboard, grab a kayak, or just work on that core strength by playing in the waves. A workout can come in any form of movement, just be creative and move those muscles!


Taking your fitness routine outside can turn it into a completely new and different experience- so what are you waiting for? Get out there and explore the possibilities for your next workout!

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