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Calling All Fitness Rockstars


TruFusion launched the TruTeacher program to recruit and develop the best fitness professionals on the planet. Our team of teachers is a tight group. That’s because as different as they all are, they know they’re the best in the business. They have the training, professionalism, and the desire to excel. And most importantly, an altruistic dedication to our members – the TruTribe.

TruFusion Teacher


A TruTeacher is the kind of person who…

Enters the studio like a rockstar walking on stage and knows “it’s showtime.”

Strives to make each class the highlight of their student’s day.

Often hears, “That was awesome. I needed that,” from their students.

Can sense and react to the ebb and flow of a class and get the most out of each one.

Has an edge and never stops honing it.

Isn’t afraid to step out of their comfort zone, experiment and grow as a person as well as a teacher.


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Ready to rock the podium? We want to see what you got! Check out what it’s like to be a TruFusion teacher and make a difference in your community.


Jamie Zimmer

“My favorite experience as a TruFusion Teacher is the creativity I get to play around with when I teach Soulful Sunday. It’s a yoga class that does not have a set sequence nor set theme and allows me to interact with the students in a playful yet introspective way.”

JAMIE ZIMMER Summerlin Studio, TruFusion Teacher for 4 years. Pilates, Pilates Core, Barefoot Bootcamp, Down n Dirty Bootcamp, KettleBooty, and Tru Ryde
Patrick Mason, TruFusion Teacher

“I enjoy watching the members grow. It feels great when members come back to take your class repeatedly because you can see the changes in their practice. I like knowing that something I did impacted them.”

PATRICK MASON Blue Diamond Studio, TruFusion Teacher for 2 years. Yoga, TruPower Flow, Yin
Olivia Frantz, TruFusion Teacher

“My favorite aspect of teaching at TruFusion is the community. It’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. The members encourage one another and form lasting relationships. The staff, the teachers, and the students make TruFusion what it is!”

OLIVIA FRANTZ Eastern Studio, TruFusion Teacher for 10 months. Hot Pilates, Hot Barre, TruFusion Series
Seth Lagana, TruFusion Teacher

“Some of my worst days have been immediately erased with teaching. A good class can be extremely energizing. It has done a lot for my confidence.”

SETH LAGANA Blue Diamond Studio, TruFusion Teacher for 2 years. Spin, KB/BR, Crossfusion, KettleBooty
Cristina Osorio, TruFusion Teacher

“The best thing about teaching is getting to be surrounded with incredibly motivated individuals, clients and teachers. Seeing clients grow is incredibly satisfying.”

CRISTINA OSORIO Eastern Studio, Teacher for 4 years. TruFusion Fitness
Steve Weiss, TruFusion Teacher

“My favorite aspect of teaching so far has been my own personal growth. I’ve gained so much knowledge and confidence in terms of fitness/health and even nutrition.”

STEVE WEISS Summerlin Studio, TruFusion Teacher for 9 months. KB/BR, BBC, KettleBooty



    Immerse yourself in a group of like minded professionals with a goal to spread health and happiness.


    We promote from within. Many of our corporate employees began as members, front desk staff and teachers!


    By contributing to our community programs and initiatives, you’ll make a larger difference.


    Need we say more? Work hard, play hard. Enjoy all the best that TruFusion has to offer.