Low Impact Workouts That Give Big Results

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When it comes to finding a fitness routine that works for you, it can be a series of trial and error. Discovering classes or training that get your heart going without straining injuries or creating over exhaustion is important, which is a good reason to consider adding low-impact workouts to your daily sweat.

Low impact workouts are defined as activities that require you to keep one foot on the ground while engaging in them. Fusion yoga, cycle classes, pilates, and strength training are all examples of low-impact exercise that still packs a punch and will give your body what it needs to grow stronger and healthier. So which workout is right for you, and when should you look to low-impact options over high-impact? This guide will help you determine the best routines and when to choose them.

Cycle Classes

Cycle classes, like those found at TruFusion, are great options for anyone who struggles with joint pain. Spinning helps take the pressure off achy or injured areas and allows you to get a good workout in without causing more damage. The movement of your legs as they peddle the bike also provides lubrication to the joints, giving your body a better feeling throughout the day. Cycle classes are also good for your heart, mind, and muscles.


Yoga is beneficial for many reasons, and as a low-impact workout, it can help give you the burn you crave without causing injury or discomfort. One of the biggest perks of fusion yoga is the breathwork that comes with the movements, allowing you to calm the body and mind. Stretching and weight-bearing movements actually help with bone remodeling and ligament, joint, and tendon lubrication. You can increase your overall flexibility and strength by taking hot yoga or even unheated classes.


According to Healthline, “Pilates is a low impact exercise that creates optimal strength through muscle balance and fine-tuning neuromuscular patterns.” Pilates allows the participant to work on flexibility and strength training without over-working muscles or causing strain. Yoga and pilates both work to build core stability as well, so your overall balance becomes better the more you attend classes or engage in a home version. Studios like TruFusion offers heated Pilates, with higher room temperatures that allow for even deeper stretches and poses perfect for burning calories and testing new limits. Pilates boasts a number of benefits, including reduced back pain, better posture, and energy boosts.

If you feel like your workout or fitness routine has suffered due to injury or the inability to indulge in intense classes, gym sessions, etc, why not try a low-impact workout like the ones above? You can still burn those calories and feel good, without worrying about hurting yourself or coming up short. Fitness should be fun, not scary, and these workouts still give a high amount of results with a lot less stress.

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