Fun Workouts To Enjoy With Your Furry Friend

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Our pets bring us endless joy, but did you know you can incorporate them into your fitness regimes? Furry friends can benefit from workouts just as much as we, and there are a variety of ways to share your health journey. Whether you like to run, stretch, swim, or play, there is an exercise for both you and your pet out there.


Go For A Run

Taking your dog for a walk might be part of your daily routine, but if you incorporate a little jog or HIIT training into the outing, it can become a great workout. Opt for a trail or outdoor path over concrete, as it helps your muscles work harder. It is also gentler on your pet’s paws and allows them to get a good run without causing discomfort. You don’t have to go too far or too long and make sure to gauge the best distance for your dog’s age and breed. If you have a cat or other animal that can walk on a leash, why not try taking them out for a stroll, or try pushing them in a compatible carrier?


Swimming Workouts

Let’s face it, not all animals love water, so this one might not be for everyone. However, if your pet enjoys a good doggie paddle or a casual dip every now and then, taking them swimming is a great form of exercise. Dogs, cats, ducks… if you can convince them to get in it could turn out to be a new hobby! Test your pet’s boundaries first, and see how they acclimate to a pool or natural body of water. Once you’ve determined if they like it, then you can swim alongside them or play games with them.



Yoga, but for pets? Animal yoga has been a growing trend around the world, and many places let you try everything from goat yoga to dog yoga. Every setup is different, and you might find it fun or distracting, but it is worth a try just once. Some pets can even benefit from it, as they can find calm, balance, and strength from the movements. Yoga with your furry friend can even help create a stronger bond between you and them, so why not give it a try for an out-of-the-box experience?  While studios like TruFusion don’t specialize in animal yoga, you can memorize movements and poses you learn in class and try them at home with your pet, too!


Obstacle Courses & Circuit Training

Animals and humans both enjoy challenges. Try setting up an obstacle course in your yard, house, or a nearby park as a fun way to stimulate your pet while also getting a workout. In public places, they might need to be on a leash, but any kind of pet can try to make their way through homemade obstacles, including small animals like hamsters or mice. Cats enjoy climbing and wiggling through small spaces, so set up boxes they can use while you create a small circuit for yourself.

If you can create a fitness routine that involves running, complete the human-only parts, then take your dog on the jogging portion each time you go. Most pets just enjoy interacting with their humans, so next time you indulge in a workout, try bringing them along (should the location and weather permit)!

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