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Hot yoga. Hot Pilates. Hot bootcamp. Heated classes have been on the fitness scene for over a decade now, and as their popularity grows so does the laundry list of dubious claims and misconceptions. We lay out fact vs. fiction and explain why bringing the heat to your workout routine is a sure-fire way to up your gains.

Faster Warm Up

Your warm up begins as soon as you step into a heated room. Your heart rate will tick up and perspiration will begin. Within the first few minutes of class, your muscles will be primed and ready for the hard work to come. There will be no easing into it after the warm up is completed. You’re a rocket ready for blast off. More deliberate work at a higher – that’s what the heat brings.

Faster Flexibility

With the heat comes more pliable muscles that allows you to sink deeper and stretch farther in less time. It’s a benefit that transcends just heated yoga and barre classes – that extra range of motion increases your power while swinging kettlebells, other weights and performing other movements. That extra effort will translate into transforming your body faster over the long run.

Increased Cardiovascular Performance

Increased blood plasma volume, reduced resting heart rate and increased sweating proficiency – that’s what exercising in heat has proved to deliver. In other words, you become a more efficient cardio machine. Researchers at the University of Oregon said, according to their research, that heat acclimation does a better job at increasing endurance than high-altitude training. Essentially, your body adapts and does a better job at cooling you down so you can work harder for longer.

Improved Mind-Body Connection

One of the biggest benefits of working out in the heat, according to seasoned practitioners, is the improved performance of your mind. We’re not going to lie to you, working out in a heated environment is a challenge. There will be times when you don’t believe you can continue. There will be times when you want to quit right in the middle of class. But something will kick in. You’ll look over at your neighbor who is suffering as much as you, and you’ll inspire each other. “I won’t quit if you don’t quit,” So neither of you do. Instead, you’ll persevere. And after, you’ll believe you can conquer mountains. That’s what makes the TruFusion experience so special. Over time, you will believe more in yourself. The heat also brings confidence.

What about Caloric Burn and Detoxifying?

Increased caloric burn? Slightly, but not enough to make a significant difference. Ridding your body of toxins? The research isn’t there to support that idea. That’s what a fully functioning liver and kidneys are for.

In other words, the benefits of taking heated classes go a little deeper today than the conventional wisdom of before when hot yoga first became popular in the U.S. You take the heat because it challenges you. You take it because it fuels you to push further. You take it because it makes you better.

Ignite your passion. Take the heat.


Written by: Christopher Lewis

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