Partner Workouts To Fall In Love With This Valentine’s Day



4 Partner-Based Workouts Perfect For Sharing The Love

This Valentine’s Day, why not show yourself some love with some themed workouts? Before indulging in those yummy chocolates or boozy drinks, get your body moving and feeling good with a workout class or these moves that can be tried with a loved one at home or in your gym. They are all about passion and enjoying a sweat session together, making for an ideal start to your holiday. Get ready to fall in love with these Valentine’s Day-themed routines.


Partnered Wheel-Barrow Squats

This fun twist on a squat is perfect to share with a partner, be it your workout buddy or a loved one. To set up, have the first person get in a push-up stance, while the second person will move to stand between their legs and hold onto their ankles. When they are ready, the first person will begin doing pushups with their legs raised in the air by the second, making sure their core is engaged. Every time they go down before the push-up, the person holding their legs should squat down as well. Make sure to keep both of your backs straight, and try 15-25 reps before swapping.


“Passionate” Passing Sprints

If you and your partner or workout pal love to run, this exercise is the perfect way to burn some calories this Valentine’s Day. When jogging with another person, incorporate passing sprints to kick the session up a notch. Every few minutes, have one person sprint ahead, then the second person will sprint to catch up before returning to a leisurely pace. Add these in throughout the entire run. This HIIT training will get you ready to indulge in all the chocolates and other goodies, without the accompanying guilt, and interval training is good for the heart! Perfect for this particular holiday, right?


Couple’s Plank Taps

Learn to love planking with this fun couple’s version of a killer core workout. Each person should be set up in a plank position facing each other (faces should be across from one another, bodies stretching opposite ways). Set a timer for 30 seconds to one minute, depending on how long you want to go for. When the timer starts, begin tapping each other’s opposite hand, making sure to switch back and forth every time the other hand is placed down on the ground. Try this for 2-3 reps, or one round for a longer amount of time.


“Share The Love” Squat Pass

For this exercise, you will need a medicine ball or weighted ball of some kind. Stand back to back with your partner, with one person holding the ball to begin. Make sure the weight is manageable for both people before starting. Each person will get into a squatted position, then use their midsection to twist and hand the ball to one another. Each time it is handed off, turn and pass it back on the other side. Make sure to keep legs and bottom halves facing forward, only using middle sections and above to hand off the ball. When you’ve formed a rhythm, continue for 30 seconds, then take a break. Try this for 3-4 reps.


With so many fun exercises to share with your loved one, it should be easy to make a new Valentine’s Day Tradition that involves getting hot and heavy (with fitness, that is) in the gym, at home, or in a workout class. Get your hearts racing with these partner-based routines that will build muscles and grow the love!

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