Stress-Relieving Yin Wall Workout

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Relax and unwind this holiday season with Mark Balfe-Taylor’s yin wall workout.

Yin yoga is a slower-paced yoga geared towards increasing circulation in the joints and improving flexibility. It tends to be a much slower and more meditative form of yoga that aims to “cultivate awareness of inner silence.” As said by PositiveHealthWellness.Com, “Yin yoga is one of the most effective, especially for those who need something low intensity and light. It’s perfect for those who want to connect spiritually to their exercise and need something mild to build up their fitness capabilities.”

With this workout, Mark takes yin yoga to a whole new level by performing the poses against a wall! Incorporating the use of a wall into these poses elevates your relaxation by:

  • allowing for better and easier alignment of your spine
  • relieving pressure off of your knees and ankles
  • using gravity to work for you to increase flexibility

You can spend as much time in each pose as you choose, but Mark recommends spending a minimum of 3 minutes in each pose.

Pose 1: Baddha Konasana

Bound Angle Pose

Pose 2: Malasana

Garland Pose (Squat)

Pose 3: Upavistha Konasana

Wide-Angel Seated Forward Bend (Straddle Splits)

Pose 4: Paravartinasana

Belly/Core Twist


What’s your favorite yoga pose to relieve stress?

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