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Located on the corner of Olympic and S. California in the heart of downtown, TruFusion Walnut Creek is a go-to destination for anyone who wants to add variety
to their fitness routine. This studio offers 5 of TruFusion's signature rooms and a refreshing Juice and Smoothie bar. See what all the buzz is about and sign up for your first class today.


  • A man lifting kettlebells


    Skyrocket your strength and stamina to crush some serious calories.

    • Tru Boxing Conditioning
    • Tru Barefoot Bootcamp
    • Tru Ride
    • Tru Kettlebell
    • Tru Circuit
    • HIITribe
  • A woman stretching in a yoga class


    Recover after a fitness class or take a moment to just relax.

    • TRU YIN
  • A woman lifting dumbbells


    Target muscles you didn’t even know you had to keep you long and lean.

    • Tru Signature Series
    • Tru Power Flow
    • Tru Flow
    • Tru Fit Flow
    • Vinyasa
    • Tru Hot Pilates
    • Tru Hot Barre
    • Tru TRX


  • “TruFusion is a nice addition to downtown Walnut Creek for fitness. What’s great is that there are a few classes going on at the same time, so you don’t “feel” like you’re stuck taking a class if you would rather take or try a different class. I love how at the beginning and end of each class, the instructors say something encouraging and positive every time.”

    Pamela I. Member

  • “Tru has a little bit of everything when it comes to workout classes. From boxing to Pilates to spin it also is a very clean facility, friendly staff, and amazing workouts! I love coming here and getting my sweat on.”

    Priscilla E. Member