At TruFusion yoga is at the foundation of all that we do. We fuse yoga into every class, whether it be kettlebells and battle ropes or Pilates and barre, and we offer 16 different yoga class styles each week. Yoga has both preventative and therapeutic advantages offering physical and mental benefits to the body and the mind. Each yoga position is designed to improve your flexibility and the health of your musculoskeletal system. As you incorporate yoga into your life, you’ll experience better posture, deeper ranges of motion, and an increased flow of energy.

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Power Vinyasa

Each teacher is allowed to let their personal experience come through and utilize the skills they’ve learned in all their trainings. There will be no predetermined sequence for this class as the style is open to the teacher’s interpretation. Be prepared to have fun, sweat, tone and break through internally perceived physical and mental limitations.

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Tru Flow Heated

A changeable, all-levels flow yoga class based on the TruFusion Series. This class includes some simple arm balances and inversions. This version is taught with some heat and humidity.

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Tru Signature Series

Our hottest express class is tailored towards the seasoned hot yoga practitioner due to the speed of transitioning from one pose to another. Students will move seamlessly in and out of poses upon cue and will find the shortened time frame challenging. Sweat will pour and breathing will be heavy in this efficient and rewarding hot yoga experience. You will leave each exhilarating practice feeling revitalized and more confident in your physical and spiritual abilities.

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